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Hair on a blokes head or face symbolizes physical strength and virility.

So, it’s no surprise that the modern day man likes to spend a bit of time  in front of the mirror grooming. 

The Keep or Cut challenge targets those who follow the latest in men’s hairstyles and have a strong attachment to their trendy do. i.e: man-buns, top-knots, hipster beards, dreads, even mullets.

Taking the challenge involves taking the risk of allowing your friends, family and followers to vote on whether you keep or cut your hair. 


Males make up over 80% of all spinal cord injuries, particularly those between the ages of 16 and 40.

Well, the guys that are sporting these hairstyles are the same group that are more likely to take risks and end up in a wheelchair.

The Keep or Cut Challenge aims to harness this risk taking mind-set, but drive a far more positive outcome.

How does it work?

The challenge is hosted in your Instagram story.

Using the voting poll in your Instagram story, your friends, family and followers will have 24 hours to decide if you will keep or cut your hair.

If you have long hair...

Cut at least enough to donate to a wig charity of your choice.

If you have short hair...

Cut it all off.

If you have a beard...

Shave it off.

Ladies can get amongst it too...

Either cut enough to donate or enough for a drastic change.

How does this find a cure for SCI?

Awareness leads to consideration.
Consideration drives action.

Funds donated to The Movement Collaborative go directly towards funding the most promising spinal cord injury research projects, selected by an international board of SCI experts.

Raising mass awareness leads to donations.

How to take part?

Have hair? Have Instagram? Have a spine? You’re eligible!

Either receive nomination or volunteer yourself.

Use Instagram to create an Instagram Story and follow the script guidelines.

Story page 1

“I’ve been nominated (I’ve volunteered) to take the Keep or Cut challenge for spinal cord injury, so you get to vote if I keep or cut my hair/beard”

Story page 2

“We take risks every day that have the potential to result in injury. So I’m taking a risk in support of spinal cord injury research”

Story page 3 (Add voting poll)

“I’d love to keep/cut my hair/beard, so please help me out… but it’s up to you… keep? Or cut?”

Story page 4

“I’m nominating these 3 people, (tag them), to take The Keep or Cut Challenge. Please go to to donate and find out more”

Save story to highlights and save your entire story to your phone so you can post it to your Instagram page.

After 24 hours the votes are in and it’s up to you to complete as promised.

Post a video of your reaction followed by the haircut (if applicable)

“Thanks for supporting and making your donation at”


Been nominated and don’t want to take part?

Want to nominate someone without taking part yourself?

Want to support someone who has taken the challenge?

Drop a donation instead!

Visit our donation page

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