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A spinal cord injury can happen to anyone, but no one should have to accept paralysis as a life sentence.

Unfortunately there are currently no effective treatments on offer, meaning the majority of traumatic spinal cord injury sufferers face the devastating reality of life in a wheelchair, among many other life changing complications.

Professional wakeboarder Brad Smeele is one such person whose life was flipped upside down as he broke his neck in a training accident in 2014.

Since Brad’s injury he has demonstrated a truly inspiring mentality toward his new life as a quadriplegic, and continues to inspire others with his drive to regain movement through intense physical rehab and his motivation to help fund groundbreaking spinal cord injury research through his newly formed foundation.

The Movement Collaborative aims to speed up the search for an effective cure by driving fundraising campaigns, facilitating collaboration between researchers and by bringing attention and support to significant pieces of research which have the potential to bring movement back to those living with paralysis.

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